About TRxADE Group, Inc.

TRxADE Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEDS) is a technology oriented company providing efficient integrated pharmaceutical and medical services to pharmacies and consumers. It combines a web-based purchasing platform for supply chain transactions between independent pharmacies, drug distributors and manufacturers. The robust e-commerce technology platform delivers buyer/seller pricing algorithms, product availability and data analytics features. The Company additionally operates a specialty pharmacy, warehouse and prescription delivery services for consumers throughout the US utilizing its proprietary Delivmeds mobile application (delivmeds.com), and multi specialty telemedicine portal (bonumhealth.com) that enables efficient home delivery of patient care and medication.

We bring together buyers and sellers of pharmaceutical products and services under an umbrella of trust, technology and transparency. As a result, we have created a vibrant community of pharmaceutical stake holders that are eager to embrace the challenges of today’s economic marketplace. We are focused on cost containment and efficiency and hold true to our mission of providing our members with a competitive advantage over their competition. TRxADE’s flexible marketplace encourages fair market value and access to some of the strongest supply houses in the nation.

Our strategy is to utilize price analytics and supplier independence to increase our competitiveness and pass that advantage directly to our members. We offer our members the best pricing and availability of generic and brand pharmaceuticals. In doing so, we have opened channels of distribution, which in turn, alleviates product shortages and higher priced pharmaceuticals while maintaining a superior level of service for our members.

Our corporate strategy is to penetrate the existing retail independent pharmacy marketplace today, and to concentrically diversify our pharmaceutical product mix in the future, with additional specialty and acute care products. This combination of product offering and superior data analytics will prove to be very synergistic as they fit perfectly into our current distribution channel for the benefit of all stakeholders within the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Our Culture: The behaviors of all TRxADE employees are defined by our Winning Ways; three powerful words – Commit, Connect & Challenge – which unites our culture and defines how we act and interact with our members.

  • Commit: We are accountable and socially responsible. We never compromise on quality. We deliver what we promise.

  • Connect: We work as a team to create and share best practices. We unite our team synergistically with knowledge and connect with our clients globally. We seek to be the partner of choice!

  • Challenge: We think and act faster and develop technology to provide creative solutions. We always go the extra distance.